The 3 Best Ireland PEOs & Employers of Record (EOR)


Doing business through an Ireland PEO / EOR

Getting onboard with the Republic of Ireland’s business opportunities can be a bit tricky, post-Brexit. Traditionally, foreign-owned entities have been prominent in their economy. For 2018, they comprised fourteen of the top 20 companies, with companies like Apple, Oracle, and Pfizer paying more than half of the country’s Corporation Taxes.

Clearly, the knowledge economy is a big draw for entities looking for a new overseas market base. Before taking on the complicated tax laws and mandatory employment contracts required, it’s become common to work with a locally-based Ireland PEO (Professional Employer Organization).

Why rely on an Ireland PEO?

For many businesses, the delay involved with the initial set-up and hiring process can cause a bottleneck in productivity. One might argue that the type of services involved in Ireland’s most active business segments demand constant innovation and output. Rather than waiting out the delays, a PEO or EOR (Employer of Record) can help new businesses push ahead, as they hire employees and administer payroll and HR functions. By contracting employees via a PEO/EOR, an overseas company can run their operation and test the market – without setting up a legal entity. We’ve listed the top PEO rankers in Ireland below.

Best Ireland PEOs & Employer of Record


Of the numerous Ireland PEO companies offering a quality level of service, Horizons stands out as an established and highly regarded organization, and as one of the few PEOs that actually has an in-country entity in Ireland. Fortune 500 companies trust Shanghai-based NHGP with their Ireland PEO services, and there is no wonder given the company’s ability to hire top talent across Ireland within a matter of days.

Website : Horizons

Global PEO

A strong partner to a number of Fortune 500 companies, Global PEO has been steadily expanding their EOR/PEO offerings worldwide, including Ireland. They provide locally-based hiring and interviewing options, as well as other services. When time is short, and a new business needs a quick turn-key start, Global is an easy way to recruit, set up, handle contracts, and even search for locations.

Global PEO has a diverse portfolio, with experience in a number of in-demand fields that comprise the Ireland market.

Website :

Papaya Global

Papaya has expanded their platform-based workforce support offerings to more than 100 countries in recent years, including Ireland. Relying heavily on automation, Papaya sets up clients with access to a centralized SaaS platform that allows access anywhere.

As efficient HR generalists, they can work well with companies who are willing to hand off large portions of their payroll and other admin areas. They boast fixed pricing in a one-size-fits-all interface. For companies who are looking for more localized experience, they may not have the same expertise as some other PEO services.

Website :

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