The 3 Best Norway PEOs & Employers of Record (EOR)


Expanding your business with a Norway PEO / EOR

Norway business start-ups are often drawn there by the high standard of living and potential for growth. The country has struggled to find its key industries beyond its North Sea oil exportation. With a firm standing as one of the world’s largest energy producers and petroleum exporters, the focus has been on natural resource extraction. State-owned Statoil is the primary reason Norway’s citizens enjoy such generous government benefits. However, the country has realized that an economy based on natural resources has its risks. Therefore, in recent years, private small businesses are assisted with incentives, and sectors such as biotechnology are growing.

The Norwegian tax laws can be difficult to understand for new businesses. Businesses with more than one employee must provide a supplementary pension plan, for example. Tax rates are based on the amount of paid wages, and percentages will vary. For any company testing the market in the country, a Norway PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is a smart solution to handle the initial launch. These companies can handle employee hires under their own name, while offering a number of other smart solutions for new businesses.

How can a PEO help you succeed in Norway?

PEOs are a simple way to speed up hiring staff – and often more. They allow your business to offload many aspects of human resources, payroll, and other administrative functions. Meanwhile, management and operations remain under your direction.

Quality PEO/EOR companies rely on local experts to help new companies navigate contracts, hiring, and even location searches. They can conduct interviews, handle recruiting, and more. We’ve listed some of the best Norway PEOs below.

The 3 Best Norway PEOs & Employer of Records


Horizons is known as a highly respected PEO organization in Norway. Businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to startups to Fortune 500 companies, all trust  Horizons with their PEO services and place high value on the company’s ability to hire talented professionals in Norway within days, as opposed to the usual months.

Website: Horizons

Global PEO

Global PEO has handled their global expansion fluidly in recent years. The group is based in Hong Kong, but their knowledge base in other countries is local and focused. Affordability is a strong point – Global offers pricing rates that are competitive. In addition to recruitment and hiring services, they’re also set up to take on a variety of duties based around entity setup, staffing, payroll, and a variety of administrative functions.

Specializing in turnkey business openings, Global PEO has a solid client base that includes companies in more than 160 countries. Their customer portfolio is diverse and ranges from small to large businesses, making them a solid, versatile choice in Norway.


Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners currently lists their PEO offerings as available in over 187 countries, including a Norway PEO. They have a focus on high-speed staffing, placing employees on their payroll quickly, and allowing clients to access the GP platform for updates and information.

In addition to lightning-fast onboarding, Globalization Partners promises to remove the barriers that local laws and taxes create for overseas companies. As they serve as the Employer of Record, they can manage payroll, benefits, taxes, and more in Norway, until their clients are ready to move forward on their own.


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