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About Us

A company’s process of global expansion is a formidable challenge for business owners and entrepreneurs. Those challenges range from complicated law, tax and other administrative obstacles to cultural differences and language barriers. However, most likely these companies are not the first ones facing those problems because many others did before. Unfortunately, there was a lack of information about those issues up to now.

Thus, GlobalizationPedia introduced an independent platform for companies and individuals interested in the process of globalization. We aim at both simplifying and accelerating your global expansion plans by providing insights into new markets, information on various aspects of the topic as well as interviews with experienced professionals and much more.

Moreover, GlobalizationPedia does not only provide own articles but also displays a platform where extern professionals can contribute and share their expertise. Our purpose is to help you understanding many aspects of globalization better as well as to provide valuable advice to both our readers who are new to the business as well as to our experienced ones.