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Instead of being required to request a proposal from multiple providers, we are able to simplify the process by leveraging our partnerships with top worldwide PEO & recruitment agencies to get your company the best rates available. Learn more on how to find a global PEO with GlobalizationPedia.

If you are new to the arena of international expansion, it is important to learn how to find a global PEO that can provide assistance for drafting employment agreements, structuring employee benefits, and helping your business to navigate local market conditions quickly and with full legal compliance to local laws and regulations. Additionally, partnering with an established PEO allows your company to offload the responsibilities associated with managing your foreign employees, which includes HR services, salary payments, and employee benefits.

How it works

After you complete and submit your request for a proposal, our team of global employment experts will review your company’s information, goals, and requirements to match you with the best PEO / recruitment agency for your needs.

*GlobalizationPedia offers a 20% discount on the average fees as quoted by the PEO.

**If you decide to contact the PEO provider directly, be sure to mention Globalizationpedia in order to receive the best price available”

Next, we will reach out to our partnering companies who are the industry-leaders in the market(s) where you are looking to. This connection is often the strongest method for businesses unsure of how to find a global PEO on their own. After identifying which of our PEO partners offers the best solutions for your business at the best overall value, we will connect you with the best provider so you can begin organizing and planning your global expansion.

Companies will often spend weeks and even months struggling to figure out how to find a global PEO provider that is of high quality and offers solutions to the challenges they are facing in their international expansion. Companies expanding overseas for the first time also commonly make the mistake of trying to expand without the help of a professional organization by setting up their own entity and spending tens of thousands of dollars more than they would have by partnering with an established PEO.

GlobalizationPedia’s PEO matching tool allows your company to strategically focus your expansion planning through a single point of contact and connect directly with the agency that is best suited to help you navigate the process of expanding your business internationally. This saves your businesses significant time, money, and the additional challenges that come with trying to find the best PEO on your own.

Our ranking criteria, explained

In order to ensure that we are able to connect your company with the highest quality PEO and the best match for your needs, every one of our partnering PEO organizations goes through an extensive vetting process before being eligible to be recommended.

To validate the legitimacy and overall quality of the organization, we contact the PEO directly and perform an extensive interview process and background check to verify that they own their own subsidiary and are able to operate in the target market with full legal compliance to local regulations.

If the process of identifying how to find a global PEO can feel like being passed along a never-ending string of third-party agencies, GlobalizationPedia users can find confidence in the organizations they find through our platform, as we do not list brokered PEOs on our site, and part of our validation process is making sure that the PEO possesses their own legal entity in each country they cover. We then validate this information through an extensive background check.

Additionally, we look at the response times and quality of proposals and information provided by the PEOs we are reviewing. We also look into the PEOs cooperation with local data privacy laws, such as the GDPR in Europe, to ensure compliance in that regard as well.

Request a Proposal

We also speak with a minimum of 10 different clients who have used the PEO we are in the process of validating and review their experience with the PEO. Through this interview process as well as comparing the cost of the PEO’s services to competitors in the market, we are able to gather an extensive amount of information and perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine if the PEO provides a strong enough value to be listed as a recommended organization on GlobalizationPedia.

We perform this process for every PEO listed on our site, and rank them in the order of their value for the specific markets where they are highlighted.

Fill out the form above today and we will review your company’s objectives and reach back out to you shortly with your customized proposal.

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