The 3 Best Switzerland PEOs & Employers of Record (EOR)


Expanding your business with a Switzerland PEO/Employer of Record

Switzerland, with its #1 IMD World Talent ranking and an economy that matches, is popular for new overseas businesses. It’s difficult to match the depth of Swiss offerings in employee talent, access to the rest of Europe, and the overall quality of life. Their industrial sector is highly developed and diverse, they remain in the Top 20 of exporters despite their size, and they can seem like an ideal place to test a new business. Before taking the leap, though, it’s wise to consider the logistics of starting a new company versus a full dive into Swiss labor laws and more.

It’s become commonplace for companies to test the waters by utilizing the services of a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) or Employer of Record (EOR) partner in their chosen country. By doing so, employees work for the PEO, which then handles their contracts, payroll, and other HR issues. Meanwhile, the new company doesn’t have to set up a branch office or a legal entity. They remain in charge of operations and expansion, while outsourcing the nuts and bolts of employee payroll and taxes to their PEO company. Hiring, visas, and more can be done through the PEO, as well.

Why rely on a PEO in Switzerland?

PEOs offer some simple solutions to time-consuming employment issues. They empower companies in their local hiring, as they conduct interviews, handle recruitment, and can take care of onboarding and expedited hires. Operating locally in Switzerland, they continue to take care of the same items as a Human Resources department – paying taxes, doing payroll, and dealing with a number of essential duties.

It’s entirely possible for a well-organized Switzerland PEO to assist companies from the very beginning to well into their initial Swiss business expansion. Local knowledge can go a long way towards recruitment and contract negotiation – or even finding the proper building lease.

Finding the best Switzerland PEO/EOR for your needs can be shortlisted with our company profiles below.

Best Switzerland PEOs & Employer of Record


Horizons is a leading PEO organization providing comprehensive support services for European business ventures in a variety of countries. In Switzerland business expansions, New Horizons’ local presence extends to staffing, recruitment, entity setup, and more. Tailored solutions are key to their fast growth in the country.

For businesses that want to try out the market, Horizons offers a full suite of Switzerland PEO/EOR solutions. A reliable partner in delivering turnkey business openings, they can handle everything from finding office space to recruiting and managing staff. It’s a simple answer to the question of how to explore the possibilities without setting up legal entities for hiring. 

Website: Horizons

Global PEO

Accelerated openings, turnkey startups, and continued workforce administration are a few of the specialties that Global PEO offers to customers. Although based in Hong Kong, Global has a distinct advantage in their markets – local expertise. They step outside the normal Switzerland PEO/EOR services box and cover a broader area of services, such as help with location choices and recruitment. New companies are able to focus more on getting into the market, and less on the intricacies of Swiss employment contracts and required benefits.

Global PEO promises affordability and a level of compliance that helps expanding companies save money and keep their operations moving as smoothly as possible.


Papaya Global

Papaya Global sounds exotic, but has payroll and PEO solutions in countries worldwide, including Switzerland. They specialize in automated payroll services, operating in over 100 countries, all managed through one central interface. Papaya offers an expanded guide to payroll and labor laws through their Countrypedia, which gives quick benchmarks on subjects such as Minimum Wage, standard employee benefits, and VAT information. 

Papaya’s standardized pricing and platform-based access reflects their customer base. They lean more towards client solutions that are simple and don’t require a particularly tailored approach or dedicated recruitment help.


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