The 3 Best Egypt PEOs & Employers of Record (EOR)


Doing business with an Egypt PEO & EOR

Egypt is located in northeast Africa with only a small portion of the country in Asia. The Nile river runs vertically across Egypt, and with the vast majority of Egypt’s territory being is desert, the vast majority of the country’s 91 million person population lives either along the Nile or in the Nile Delta. Egypt’s GDP is $286 billion USD and currently growing at a rate of just under 4% on an annual basis. Egypt’s major exports are oil,, agricultural products, livestock, chemicals, and textile goods.

Why Use a PEO in Egypt?

The process of expanding into Egypt can be complicated for businesses expanding into the Middle East for the first time. A PEO solution can simplify the process of operating your business in Egypt – with a PEO, companies don’t have to directly hire employees in the country where they wish to expand. Instead, the local partner can handle employee selection and retention, in addition to related tasks. Local experts can also mobilize office openings, handle contracts, and more. Finding the right Egypt PEO match for your company that can manage local employment contracts and taxes will simplify the process of expanding into Egypt.

Best Egypt PEOs and Employers of Record


Horizons continues to build their global presence as an established PEO provider with the comprehensive services available in Egypt. Historically, Fortune 500 companies have placed trust in Horizons with their Egypt PEO services and especially value the company’s ability to hire professionals within days, as opposed to the usual months it can take to hire foreign employees.

Horizons offers a full suite of business services; from contract drafting in Arabic and English, to employee onboarding, and additionally to setting up social security and mediating local disputes.

Website: Horizons

Sky Executive

SkyExecutive is an established recruitment agency and PEO, meaning that it has the ability to combine recruitment and day-to-day employment solutions for companies looking to expand into Egypt with full legal compliance. This helps companies expanding into Egypt simplify their transitions and be able to rely on a single point of contact for all of their PEO related needs.


Serving 170 countries around the world, Global PEO is diverse and experienced in foreign market entry for countries like Egypt. Their platform can provide payroll and human resources management from a central cloud location.

It’s possible that a PEO/EOR with local consultants can provide a more tailored solution for new businesses, as GP is quite a large group, relying on a centralized suite of services.

Website: GlobalPEO

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