The 3 Best Saudi Arabia PEOs & Employers of Record (EOR)


Doing business with a Saudi Arabia PEO & Employer of Record

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s petroleum-supported economy has held it steadily in the G-20 rankings. Their dependency on oil and a lack of diversity in economic resources led to government initiatives like the Saudi Vision 2030 framework. This broad-reaching strategy covers areas such as SA public service sectors, but also increasing their international trade in non-oil areas. 

Saudi Arabia has seen foreign investments rise despite political issues. Hiring in the country is complicated by their “Saudization” policy, which is meant to heavily weigh any hiring in private sectors towards residents. Work permits and visas for anyone coming in from outside the country can be extremely difficult to obtain.

In a country that is full of expatriates, the laws that govern Entry Visas, Exit Visas, Invitation Work Visit Visas, and more are still complex. New companies often find it wise to work with Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and Employer of Record (EOR) services in Saudi Arabia, especially if they’re ready to get into the market rapidly. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of a Saudi Arabia PEO/EOR and go over the top choices.

Why Use a Saudi Arabia PEO?

As we mentioned, maneuvering the Visa process in Saudi Arabia is slow and intimidating. Here’s where a PEO solution helps. New companies don’t have to directly hire employees in the country – the local partner can handle employee selection and retention. Local experts can also mobilize office openings, handle contracts, and more. Saudi Arabian employment contracts and taxes are unique to their country. 

Best Saudi Arabia PEOs and Employer of Record


Asian-based Horizons continue to be a top rated company in the business of providing their brand of comprehensive support services. New Saudi Arabian businesses can rely on their local presence that delivers tailored solutions. Their worldwide client base is diverse and includes Fortune 500 companies. 

For businesses completely new to the Saudi Arabia market, Horizons offers a full suite of PEO/EOR solutions – they’re able to handle turnkey business openings.   Fast hiring, expedited employee onboarding, and easy employee contract administration are just part of their services.

Website : Horizons

Global PEO

Global PEO has continued to develop their organization in recent years and consistently provides superb global expansion guidance to businesses worldwide. The group is based in Hong Kong, but their knowledge base in other countries is localized and up-to-date with the modern working culture. The company’s cost-effective nature is a strong selling point for businesses expanding into Singapore, and offers pricing rates that are competitive compared to industry norms. In addition to recruitment and hiring services, they’re also set up to take on a variety of duties based around entity setup, staffing, payroll, and a variety of administrative functions.


Sky Executive

SkyExecutive is a well-respected recruitment agency and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) with local operations in Saudi Arabia. The company places high value on its network of local consultants based in Saudi Arabia, with that level of local expertise being helpful for companies looking for a smooth transition into a new business environment.


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