The 3 Best New Zealand PEOs & Employers of Record (EOR)

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Expanding your business with a New Zealand PEO / EOR

New Zealand’s strong economy is one of the world’s most globalized. Their small size and long distances from other areas of the world necessitate strong export and shipping sectors. As Australia is their closest geographic neighbor, they are New Zealand’s strongest trade partner. However,  China, the European Union, the United States, and Japan are also substantial contributors. Overall, these 5 partners account for 66% of New Zealand’s two-way trade activity. 

With New Zealand’s encouragement of foreign investment through its Overseas Investment Office, it’s a desirable location to enter a new market. As a matter of fact, foreign direct investments totaled NZ$404 billion in 2017. The lack of language barrier, the country’s reputation for human rights, and their pool of talented labor all lend to the desirability of testing the market. To expedite the launch of a new enterprise, a partnership with a New Zealand PEO (Professional Employer Organization) or Employer of Record to ensure success and smooth market entry. In doing so, issues with area laws, locating skilled talent, and more can be handled through a local entity – letting them handle everything on your behalf.

Read on as we explore the benefits and ratings of the best New Zealand PEOs and EORs for your company’s expansion.

Why partner with a PEO/EOR in New Zealand?

Although the language barrier is lessened, there are still a number of issues involved with new business setup. As a newcomer, the set-up of offices or businesses in New Zealand can go slowly, as interviews drag on, contracts are negotiated, and work permits are obtained. In these instances, a partnership with a local PEO/EOR is the way to better business launches. As the legal employer, they’re able to manage everything from contracts to human resources needs such as bonuses, payroll, and more.

Best New Zealand PEOs and Employer of Record

With a client roster in over 100 countries and a platform-based New Zealand PEO offering, Papaya is an efficient service for many industries. They have capabilities for workforce support in New Zealand, offering payroll, PEO, and contractor management services.

Papaya’s automated management capabilities are centralized with an online SaaS system. They offer localized insights and centralized management, accomplished via their web platform. For new companies that have found local specialists in New Zealand, Papaya offers a way to outsource HR support issues online.

Website :

Based in Asia, New Horizons Global Partners provide comprehensive support services – extending to staffing, recruitment, entity setup, and more. For business expansions in New Zealand, their coverage of the Oceanian market is always elevated by a local presence. Tailored solutions are their specialty, backed with a diverse worldwide portfolio that includes Fortune 500 companies. 

For businesses that are testing the New Zealand market, NHGP offers a full suite of PEO/EOR solutions. As they partner in turnkey business openings, they can handle everything from finding office space to recruiting and managing staff. 

Website :

The American company Velocity Global has been providing PEO services for expanding businesses since 2014. With a global reach, including New Zealand, they offer fast staff launches and onboarding. Their helpful online Resource Center has a number of countries listed, working from their experience in more than 185 locations.

Velocity’s one-stop solutions are becoming easy to access online, as they build their platform’s offerings. 


If your company is looking to expand its business operations into New Zealand, GlobalizationPedia can connect you with a PEO that best fits your needs at the strongest value. Fill out the form below and we’ll tap into our extensive database of partnerships to provide you a with a full rundown of the best potential PEO matches for your company.

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