The 3 Best Netherlands PEOs & Employers of Record (EOR)

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Doing business with a Netherlands PEO/EOR

Companies in the Netherlands often participate in a company CBA (collective bargaining agreement) that is specific to their industry. It is important to partner with a Professional Employer Organization that has a registered in-country entity that can manage the nuances of the collective bargaining agreement.

Why Use a Netherlands PEO?

The best practices for efficiently obtaining work visas and expanding your business internationally with legal compliance often involve a large amount of time and money being allocated for foreign companies to begin operating in the Netherlands. A Netherlands PEO provider can simplify this process for your business by managing the hiring and onboarding processes, leaving your company the time and resources to focus on your core business functions. Local employment specialists can also help foreign companies navigate the complexities of securing office rentals, managing employment contracts, and more.

How to Hire in the Netherlands

Regulations concerning employment contracts in the Netherlands are somewhat flexible, and it is legally permitted for employers and employees to agree upon the terms of a contract orally. However it is strongly advised for companies operating in the Netherlands to write up a strong employment contract and have all parties sign the contract before the employee begins working.

As is the case with every country a foreign company is interested in expanding into, employment contracts should define the following terms and conditions of employment:

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Length of Contract
  • Termination Requirements and Severance

As every culture presents different hiring challenges and opportunities, taking advantage of the recruitment channels with the highest potential is especially important for the process of hiring talented professionals in the Netherlands. This is where your company can likely benefit from working with a Netherlands PEO that is already well-versed in the local regulations and possesses in-country connections.

To maximize the potential of your company’s hiring in the Netherlands, it can also be valuable to partner with a recruitment agency to simplify and expedite the process of hiring talented professionals in the country. Global PEO organizations will sometimes have an in-house recruitment agency that will significantly aid the process of recruiting in Netherlands. The benefits of using a recruitment agency to improve your overall hiring process include:

  • Having access to local recruitment experts who are familiar with the Netherlands markets and the best hiring practices.
  • Partnering with an organization that is designed to understand the specific goals of your business and that can create a recruitment search process that is designed to fulfill your exact needs.
  • Taking advantage of the recruitment agency’s local legal expertise to ensure that your business is compliant with the local laws and regulations in regards to employment. 

When you partner with a Netherlands PEO that also offers recruitment coverage, your company is able to receive ongoing support that includes the hiring and onboarding management, HR and payroll services, and more valuable resources in addition to those provided in the initial recruitment phase. 

Below we have listed our recommendations for the 3 Best Netherlands PEOs and Employers of Record. These organizations all have outstanding reputations for being able to hire and manage talented professionals in Netherlands as well as ensure full compliance with local employment regulations.

Best Netherlands PEOs and Employers of Record

Global PEO is a growing global expansion company that provides a variety of integral services for their diverse client list, including strategic advisement and assistance with business openings. 

Global PEO markets themselves as a PEO company that offers affordable options and company entities in your chosen country. This approach makes them a particularly sound choice for companies looking for an expansion partner in the Netherlands. Global PEO’s Netherlands PEO services can support recruitment, staffing, all HR functions, and much more, with all of their services being handled by local staff with expertise in the area. Language barriers, cultural nuances, and even the best locations for your offices are all managed with professionalism by their hand-picked staff.


SkyExecutive is a recruitment agency and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that possesses their own in-country subsidiary in Sweden. Based in Shanghai, Sky Executive’s ability to combine recruitment and day-to-day employment solutions for companies looking to expand overseas provides clients looking to take their operations into the Netherlands a strong overall value and a single point of contact.

In addition to their suite of expansion services, Sky Executive is also know for its deep network of local consultants based in Netherlands, with that level of local expertise being helpful for organizations looking for a smooth transition into their target market.


As a large PEO provider with a large client list and helpful expansion resources, GP is a simplified Netherlands PEO solution for many mid-market companies. Their workforce support is available for over 170 countries, including in the Netherlands, and they provide. Their company localized insights and a centralized management style that is efficient for new companies who have relocated and are already working with local experts in the Netherlands.


If your company is looking to expand your business’s operations into the Netherlands, GlobalizationPedia can help match you with the PEO that best fits your company’s objectives at the strongest value both financially and operationally. Fill out the form below and we’ll use our extensive database of strategic partnerships to provide you with a full breakdown of the best potential PEO matches for your organization.

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With 10 years of experience working in the globalization industry, Oliver specializes in covering the latest market trends and helping businesses connect with the best PEO/recruitment agencies for their needs.

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