Find the BEST PEO’s AND EMPLOYERS OF RECORD (EOR) for a SUCCESSFUL expansion – rEVIEWS & Comparison
About GlobalizationPedia

GlobalizationPedia is an independent Global PEO review website and matching tool that is designed to assist companies and entrepreneurs interested in getting involved with the process of globalization. Our mission is to help businesses locate and connect with the best PEO/EOR for their needs at the most competitive rates available.

We are able to simplify and accelerate your global expansion plans by providing access to new market insights, interviews with experienced globalization professionals, and much more.

Instead of being required to request a proposal from multiple providers, we are able to simplify the process of finding a great organization by leveraging our partnerships with top worldwide PEO & recruitment agencies to help your business find a provider that can successfully execute on all of your expansion objectives.

This allows your company to strategically focus your expansion planning through a single point of contact and connect directly with the agency that is best suited to help you navigate the process of expanding your business internationally. This saves your businesses significant time, money, and the additional challenges that come with trying to find the best PEO on your own.
Expanding into new countries with the help of a PEO offers a multitude of benefits to companies worldwide. Forming these strategic partnerships early in your expansion process will help you to gain a strong understanding of the characteristics and nuances within your target international market before actually entering. Through these partnerships, you will gain the ability to assess the existing competition within the market, begin forming a network, and seek out suppliers and customers using these new connections and budding professional relationships.

Wherever your business has its headquarters and whatever countries you are looking to expand into, GlobalizationPedia has the partnerships and connections to help simplify your expansion process. Additionally, our team of highly trained and deeply experienced globalization experts will review your company’s objectives and meet with our top partners in your target market to match you with the best PEO's and/or recruitment agencies that will be able to provide premium guidance to help your business navigate your international expansion.